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About Us

A community of people creating a friendlier and more joyful world for those affected by dementia.

If you provide care to someone you know, Bella Groves will provide you with courses and bite-sized learning about dementia, its various forms, and how to care for those affected by it. This is also a community where you can find others locally who are going through similar journeys. It’s more than a support group. This is a learning cohort.

If you are personally living with dementia and wanting to learn more about it, Bella Groves will be your guide and lifeline for support.

If you are a local business in the greater San Antonio area and want to be a part of creating a safe haven for those living with dementia, you’ll get the training, customized resources and know-how to create dementia-friendly initiatives for your business.

If you are a team member of Bella Groves, you’ll have access to the entire library of dementia training and education to help you do what you do best - care for others.

Wherever you are in your journey with dementia, we’re building a community for you. Please join us!